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guess where i am  ~

I'm in ~

it's pretty ~

i'm really ~

i decided to  ~

but i'm really ~

also i found this ~

it remindes me ~

you know that ~?

if you know ~

you know what i'm talking about 

when i do this 

I'm gonna keep 

i'll explain more while ~

actually we are just ~

but we have some ~

i want to ~

it's first time i ~

and it's super ~

i'm gonna ~ now 

i don't know what's going on 

this is super ~

some kind of ~

should i join in?

i feel part of ~ ~

alright it's now ~

i forgot my ~

 i don't know what time it is ~

and we are just having ~

and we are gonna go to ~

which is typical ~

this is it ~

this is the place to ~

i'm having a lot of fun ~

we're in ~

which one should i ~

it's gonna be ~

i just want ~

it didn't even ~

i'm gonna get ~

and they become~

look at this ~

that looks great ~

i don't want you to think ~

but you've wasted your ~

you wanna get ~

why are you doing this to me ~

i don't know what happened ~